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Means how much does it cost, how much do I owe you.
Steve: "I'd like an eighth of that"

Chris: "Here you go"

Steve: "What's the damage?"

Chris: "Forty dollars"
po chicagoman619 Новембар 13, 2014
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When there are 3 urinals and the only one not taken is the one between the two.
Jamie: "You go to the toilet?"
Tom: "Nah, I couldn't. I got checkmated..."
po Foxlover1 Новембар 13, 2014
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the things I would do to you
wow you are so hot. Ttiwdty
po samuelmarie Новембар 13, 2014
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Another word for taking a dump
After lunch I enjoy a healthy food press.
po Lingopronva Новембар 10, 2014
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When you get a reply from a snapchat you sent.
(generic duck face pic)

New notification
"wahey I got a snapback"
(generic dic pic)
po qwertydoll Март 27, 2014
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The use of the tongue to find the opening in the top of a beverage can, when it's too dark to see.
While driving 80mph down the 87 freeway, Steve deftly applied cannilingus to drain the remaining contents of his Schlitz.
po word douche Август 30, 2009
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The feeling that sets in when you realize the value of your house is approaching zero.
How do you feel about the halted construction in your neighborhood?
I'm stiff with rigor mortgage.
po Robopoet Фабруар 22, 2008

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