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to use excessively
"I could tax that fine ass for days."
po Silent Ninja c1998 Јул 15, 2003
119 117
A heightened state of excitement or ecstasy over the completion of any facet of the taxation process. Usually experienced by CPA's.
I am so excited about the new tax folders I am having a taxgasm!
po mojoequik, fcoppin, jjensen, rbell Март 15, 2006
66 141
Short for background props. Placing oneself in the background of another person's picture, usually striking some strange pose or making some other gesture, unbeknownst to the subjects or the photographer.
Look at this random guy getting his BGPs in your picture!
po Your mom Јануар 17, 2005
757 1182
When you link someone to a website they have already seen. It refers to a fictional top-level domain (like .com, .net and .edu) that, if it existed, would house all the old shit everyone has seen but you.
Example 1
Guy1: Have you see tubgirl?
Guy2: you mean www.tubgirl.old?

Example 2 - The lazy approach
Guy1: Hey, check out todays woot
Guy2: .old
po foo? Март 3, 2006
128 89
The term for gay couples to become engaged or plan on becoming married.
Did you hear the news? Paul and Tom got engayed. I can't wait for their wedding!
po Dan A. Root Март 5, 2006
5941 3784
Situation in which you are long past the working time of your deodorant, you start to get B.O., and the armpits of your shirt get wet.
It was so hot in that meeting room today that I'm all pitted out.
po doclagoa Март 22, 2006
67 58
Sarcasm mixed with a generous helping of bitterness.
Sarcastic, angry and bitter at the world, especially men, Noodle is sarcaustic.
po Rubyman Март 23, 2006
126 77