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Јан 6
"Can't Remember Shit". Popularized by the movie Glory Daze.
I look back just a month ago and CRS.
po Bungalow Bill Децембар 1, 2001
Јан 5
In Scotland, pregnant. See also up the duff.
She's up the spout again.
po Keith the Incredible Sockpuppet Новембар 18, 2004
Јан 4
Government run by robots. They will be able to lie and have scandals more efficiently than humans.
Vote Candidatebot 4000 in 2008 or be processed for organs.
po matt dold Новембар 24, 2004
Јан 3
The majority of women.
The vajority will vote for Hillary in 2008.
po atree Јул 25, 2006
Јан 2
Similar to anniversary, but occuring every month. For people who are overzealous about a new relationship.
Cara and Sloopy's monthiversary is January 5, 2008.
po Cara and Sloopy Октобар 19, 2005
Јан 1
A holiday that celebrates the idea of all the good things that will happen in another year. Most people use this time to get drunk.
What better way to start off a new year than with a head-splitting hangover, the stench of vomit on your clothes, and a DWI.
po PeaTearGriffin Новембар 5, 2005
Дец 31
The year 2008.
- What year is Bush leaving the White House?
- 2k8, sucka!
po CB0717 Октобар 19, 2007
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